Marine Coating

Ships are a major part of our current day economy.

Transporting goods from all over the globe. And luxury liners have become part of the leisure industry. Made of steel means they require a robust protection against the weather and marine conditions they sail in. Marine Coatings serve both the outer hull of the ship as well as the interior where bulk goods or ballast water may be stored. A special function comes with the coatings that are below the waterline at the outside of the hull. These Anti-Fouling coatings are designed to prevent the adhesion of small sea-life (barnicles etc.) which would slow the ship down. Applying these Anti-Foulings may give up to 40% reduction in fuel consumption.

They also prevent the carrying of species that would be non-indigenous at the next harbour where they could disturb the biosphere.
Yachts also make use of marine coatings be it that the esthetical and decorative perception requires some specific coatings.