Welcome to the CEPE website

The European Council of the Paint, Printing Ink and Artists‘ Colours Industry (CEPE) represents the interests of its members being companies active in these sectors.

Such interests are addressed in Working Groups or Task Forces where collective objectives or positions are defined and agreed.  

The members hold a dual membership. One with their National Association and one with CEPE. Whereas CEPE defends the industry at the EU level, the National Association speaks with the same voice at the national level.

The typical fields where CEPE is acting are:

  • Health and safety

  • Environment

  • Transport

  • Sustainability

  • Standards

The CEPE membership represents an economic value of 17 Billion € (making of 85% of EU market) and provides some 100.000 jobs.

The jobs that depend on the use of paints, inks or artist colours are several millions.

CEPE is looking for a new Manager Regulatory Issues


To represent and advocate the CEPE members’ interests and positions in relevant contacts with authorities or stakeholders (EU and UN).

To build expertise on existing and upcoming regulations for packaging, safety information (datasheets and labelling) and transport. E.g. REACH and CLP.

To effectively manage a number of industry regulatory dossiers.

To maintain good working relations (two way information streams) with the relevant National Association dossier holders.

CEPE is happy to share with you the new annual report 2019!